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Can't Navigate Out of a Paper Bag - Comments

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The local TV station has a consumer complaints program - Fair Go - and three weeks ago they commented on the inaccuracy of the Navman navigation system that sent people into fields, ditches and ponds. Right turn instead of left turn etc. The spokesman for the company selling these add-ons said it was because people hadn't upgraded to the new disc map. Cost $NZ200 ($NZ =$US0.8) This after outlaying $NZ700 for the system. I'll stick to printed maps.

I have a few GPS's- I use them when sailing, but to be safe, I also have my sextant and all the paraphernalia associated with it. When driving, I use maps, I have not yet come across anything better.

I am also disappointed in my Toyota's navigation system and always having to agree to see the map. There are however ways to get around this. I do not know about your ford (Lincoln) but there is a product for the Toyota, http://coastaletech.com/nav_kit.htm. I am sure a internet savvy family as yours can find a similar product. It is just sad that reputable car companies rely on greedy and uncaring people as their representation to the buying public. At least in a big city there is usually more than one choice for a dealer. Good luck!

This actually confirms what I was told by several people when I was looking to purchase my Civic. Even the sales person told me that built in navigation systems were a complete waste of money, they add $1,000 or more to the price of the car and never work as well as the $200-$300 ones you can get at any other store. One person who had a Civic with navigation told me that while they loved everything else Honda, the navigation was terrible.

I'm very glad I had somebody around to tell me that before I bought my car. I wish it was more common knowledge, or that the companies would actually improve their product. But this seems a universal problem, not just with one manufacturer.

Have you considered suing the dealer in small claims court? I'll be you'd get a response!!

I know your husband just loves lawsuits (OK, BAD joke!) But I think something like this is what class action lawsuits are for.

A $1200 option in a car, that theoretically replaces a $400 off the shelf product, and does not work. Should that not be a valid suit against Mercury & the GPS maker? A $60 option, well, that's nothing, but $1200 with advertising that is clearly out of what with reality. Doesn't this start being important? What if the unit failed to perform in an emergency, and a life was lost?

I mean after all, did they (the auto company AND the GPS manufacturer) not test this puppy before they released it to an unsuspecting public?

You paid $1200 for something that does not work. You should be able to return it to the manufacturer unless they can make it work. That is basic common law dating back to mother England in the 1600's! UNFORTUNATELY, of course, you have a problem: The $1200 item is attached to your $50,000 SUV. (Bummer!)

Well.... I can see a solution or 2:

1) Be grateful you can enjoy driving a luxury vehicle, many can't, and yet work very hard and pay high taxes, it is just that we can't all have high paying jobs... the jobs are not there, for one thing. So just ignore the problem and go buy a Garmin. NO, I'm not being mean or ignorant here. I'm just pointing out a fact or two...

2) Return the SUV to the dealer, and have them give you one without the useless $1200 option. They can put the paperweight in their demo fleet, and nobody loses.

3) They COULD leave you with your SUV, uninstall the paperweight GPS, and refund your $1200. Of course, that is a LOT of trouble, and the vehicle's interior finish will suffer. Not a recommended option.

4) They could disable the GPS in your vehicle, and refund you the $1200. This at least does not disfigure your dash, although it kicks the resale value down a notch! Again, not a recommended option.

5) Does Mercury have a system similar to ON-STAR? Maybe they could buy you a 3 year subscription?

6) Is the vehicle tied to your business? If so GOOD! Sell it at a loss, write it off on your taxes, and buy another SUV, preferably not a Mercury. Expensive, but... If you want revenge.... I can see a number of US taxpayers hating my guts here. Sorry. Us Canadians: Always trying.... Always trying to be helpful.

7) Speaking of revenge... Have big yellow lemons painted on all 4 sides of the car and the roof. Print this URL (http://www.crankycustomer.com/cant_nav...) on the lemons. Advantages: NO ONE will ever steal or hi-jack the puppy. But then as they say... "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Yes, I know the reference.

8) Donate the car to a charity raffle. You get a tax credit equal to the full value of the car. You then use the tax savings to buy another car. I can see a number of US taxpayers hating my guts here, also. (See #6.)

Sorry, but that is all the ideas I have. And: Thanks for cluing me in to not buying a Mercury. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck for a successful resolution.

Shame on Mercury!


It's more like a $30,000, not $50,000, SUV. And we can't afford to give away a $30,000 prize to charity, even with a tax deduction. -rc

Should have talked to the dealership OWNER, not salesmen or management of any type... they work for the owner, NOT Mercury. Barring that, you should have talked TO Mercury... remember dealers are not part of FoMoCo in the first place and BUY their vehicles from the factory. If they didn't handle the problem, then you should have talked directly to Mercury inside Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn MI... Mercury makes an excellent product and would have taken care of this had they been so informed...

A final point, since bashing the company based upon the antics of the dealer is what has happened here... I'd hasten to point out that EVERY company has some dealers that try the same things on their customers... report them to company so they can weed them out... the same stories come from chevy, honda, dodge, toyota and mercedes... not just mercury...

a final parting shot... I'd want MY first responder to KNOW where they were going by studying maps of the area in their spare time and getting to know the roads like the back of their hand... I WOULDN"T want my first responder trying to read a brightly lit screen while driving at speed in the woods at night and trying not to hit deer crossing the road... you have a case for the 1200 which should go directly to the Lincoln Mercuty Division of Ford Motor Company. They will resolve it. If they don't, then, and only then can you go back to bashing the company which apparently doesn't even know it wronged you... PS. you could also try complaining directly to the factory of build... better that than to the blogosphere which will mainly whine along with you while not offering much help...


No responder will ever know every road in his or her county. While it's a fine idea to go over the dealer's heads to the manufacturer, I didn't see any Mercury bashing whatever. In fact, she said up front how much she loved her car "except for the navigation system" and went on to say why. Indeed, the only "whining" I see related to this entry is yours. And there was no need to post it three times; the duplicates have been deleted. -rc

I had problems with a specific Ford Dealer. They charged me for a repair that was impossible to make. I complained to the dealership, the area Ford Customer Service Representative, and Finally to the VP of customer service (I forget his title) in Detroit. Their response? Sorry they are a franchise, we have no control over them. My response was to try a Toyota Avalon (Which I liked vary much, then a Chevy Impala which I love. I have found customers are not that important to dealers, etc. If you can get the news media on your side, it may help.

I am glad I read this before we bought our car. I went to the Auto Show and was thinking of a Ford product (first time - we always buy GM), but this information, especially the lack of response to your complaint, has definitely made me change my mind. I am sharing this information with everyone I know so people I care about don't get "taken to the cleaners" also.

Have you heard of the legal concept of "implied warranty"? "Implied warranty" simply means that when a product is sold for a particular use it is implied (by the seller) to be fit for the use for which it is sold. Mercury sold you a navigation system that is clearly unfit for the purpose for which it was sold, thus clearly failing the standard of "implied warranty". Of course Mercury may quibble over how well their system could be expected to work, that is how "implied warranty" applies in your case, but i don't think they would have much of an argument there, since a much cheaper system works much better. i think the consumer protection laws in your state (or federal consumer protection laws) may help you get a refund on the grounds that the Mercury navigation system blatantly fails "implied warranty".

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