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FedEx: They Absolutely, Positively Should Have Gotten it Right the First Time - Comments

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Not Fedex but same premise but I liked at a recent trade show how this vendor turned a FUBAR into a business opportunity.

His lone sign in a booth with out a display read "UPS Lost Our Booth! They didn't deliver.... but we can!"

He probably drew more people in his booth than he would have with his display...

Its interesting that so many people have their opinions and studies about FedEx. Out of the millions of packages something is bound to go wrong. I dont think they are perfect. USPS and UPS better, I have dealt with both and they are not better. If FedEx makes a mistake, they account for it, work hard to resolve it and you have an account manager you can actually reach. I don't think USPS account manager is going to call you back. I have never gotten a same day call back from UPS rep either. FedEx does air shipments very well. Ground is getting better. They are reaching more customers quicker than UPS ever did. Seriously, I think you all need to check yourselves. Most of the time its unfamiliarity and user error and of course expectations of something that does not exist with any parcel carrier.

My problems are with UPS I was having an item shipped via ground. When ups got the package they waited six days to ship it from the warehouse and when it finally got to a place within fifty miles of me it was out for delivery and they used the weather exception because of a snow storm on a thursday. The following day they also used the weather exception for no reason at all I mean my parents travelled 130 miles to go to a dinner theatre and had no problems along the way. It is now the weekend and I know the package will not be coming until monday I would pick it up but the form on the internet says I will be charged which im not wasting money on so I called 1-800-PICK-UPS number and a robot answered but did not give me any options that would get me anywhere. So the package is supposed to be delivered on 1/11 instead of 1/7 which is a huge problem because I need to go back to college on 1/10 and seeing as how I do not come back home every weekend I may not see that package in a very long time. Just wondering why they wouldnt move something if tracking says they have it. Sorry for the run on sentences just trying to vent some anger.

It really depends on area. I only rarely ship things out, but I receive things regularly. Although FedEx doesn't show up very often, I get things from them just fine. UPS is the main one, but USPS is a frequent one, too. The only problem I have ever had on incoming packages is USPS tracking doesn't give timely info on where things are. I have seen them say something was in city X, after I've received it. Sending things OUT on the other hand, there are 2 FedEx boxes in town, but NO UPS box, and I couldn't find out how to get them to pick it up. I had a pre-paid shipping thing to send, and I had to drive 35 miles each way to get it to their "local" office. Otherwise, I send things USPS, and have never had a problem with them, unless you count the locally produced cheese curd I sent my brother in New Orleans that was moldy by the time it got there, but that was my fault. I didn't realize it wouldn't last long enough for the shipping time:)

I had to comment on one point in your story. I also work for a company that verifies info provided by customers with the post office. Anyone can make an error after all. (Canadian postal codes are ALL in the letter-number-letter number-letter-number format, yet I still get people insisting the first 3 characters are all letters.) We do, however, have an option to override the system if a customer is certain that the postal code is correct, since even Canada Post makes mistakes so the info in their system could be a typo. (No, I don't use it in cases like the one mentioned above.) I'd be very surprised if FedEx employees do not have a similar option.

I should mention, however, that Canada Post sets the postal code for each area, and if the US post office serves the same purpose they would be "considered the authority" regarding your Zip Code since they decided what it should be to begin with. This assumes, of course, that the US post office has the same authority as Canada Post.

Ok... so I got a little steamed reading this.... First off, to the lady (or man I can't remember...) who had so much trouble with her christmas gift... A) It was not Fedex's fault that your shipment was split in multiples, that's HP's doing. B) The person you talked to the first time at the 1-800 number was WRONG. You CAN ask to HAL (Hold At Location) whoever they are messed up your whole experience. and C) I don't know how you came to think you had multiple drop locations, they only have one per so many miles.... I work for fedex, which brings me to my second frustration.

The other person I saw on here who says they hate working at Fedex is lazy and can't do an honest days work. The company is so far the best one I've worked for yet. True, sorting thousands of packages a night is tough, but how else do you expect them to get the job done? It's not their fault you're lazy. People enjoy being able to make their box appear the next day all the way around the world, which reminds me, people before you get too critical remember the people like me who don't get any sleep because we're in a warehouse at 3:30 am moving your box while you're sleeping, so It can get where you want it.... something to think about. Too many people complaining! Life is too short! Most of us are doing the best we can.

I have had numerous problems with FEDUP as I call them. I am FEdup with their lack of service or timely responses from the local office. Everything has to go thru their phone center and all they can do is send a message to the local office.

A case in point. I spent almost 2 weeks trying to get a package delivered. Since delivery at my house is all but impossible a neighbor accepts packages for me. I even gave the person on the phone exact directions to my neighbors house 2 times. Two times the website showed the item on the truck out for delivery. The first time after 15 minutes it showed that the address could not be located. The second time was 30 minutes after the out for delivery post. I live in a very rural area on a one lane paved road. It takes 15 minutes for me to get to a major road. Fedex is located over 35 miles from me. There is no way for their delivery trucks to get here in 30 minutes much less 15. Other excuses I got were; snow (there was no snow that day and the roads were wet but clear), roads snow covered (again no snow and clear roads).

Some attempts were 3 or more days apart. My neighbor told me that one day their truck was in his drive way but turned around and left. After numerous calls both to FEDUP and to the shipper I finally canceled the order and got a full refund. I also will not order from that online business again because they won't allow buyers to pick the shipping company. I have since stopped buying from any business that uses FEDUP exclusively and I make sure I find out who their ground shipper is before I place an order. If i can't find out then I order from a company that gives me the info I want and need. The other 2 shipping companies have had no problems getting me my packages on the date they were shown as out for delivery.

The best is yet to come I'm sure, they'll probably soon remove the location due to the low volume of packages being shipped from there!

I used to know a FedEx driver who spent his lunch periods drinking mass quantities of beer. That probably explains a lot.

"I do not know how big businesses like this got to where they are with such useless people working for them."

I have to step in for this one in favor of all the customer service reps out there, I don't work for Dell, I work for Fedex and I have to say that it is really not because you don't know how to "do a very simple task". let me put things into perspective before you make such rude assumptions:

imagine you are an unemployed regular person that is in REAL need for money, but they didn't or haven't gone to college and don't have a ton of skills that can pay a rent. (I, for example, just started college and I need some extra money to keep up with my personal spending)

now imagine you get this job offered at a company about stuff you've NEVER dealt with in your whole life (seriously, how many of you actually know how to fix a computer?), but you get the promise that you'll learn that stuff real nice so you look like an expert in front of customers.

then you get training like when you were in school and if we all remember school, most of the stuff we learned we would forget shortly after the final. then the stuff that does get stuck is still only theorical knowledge as you haven't really needed to apply it.

and now you have just become a rep that can kind of help people, but the biggest issue remains, most CS reps will agree with me, big companies have a software they use to manage the data and the information, and believe me, this is no pretty looking software with rounded corners and colorful buttons full of icons, its a VERY basic program filled with technical abbreviations and you have to learn to go through that program to help customers out, now within this point, do you know how most people that work at offices have internet restrictions? well its exactly the same for us, except we don't get anything else in our computers except said ugly corporate software, basic CS rep tools such as a notepad to write log of the calls we take, calculator, etc.
so we don't even have the material we were taught with (not that that helps much either anyway).

also within the corporate software issue, you have to know, these tools are very restricted in what they can actually do, for security reasons they are written in a way that something that may look like an easy task is a real challenge for a rep that doesn't know exactly how to punch it in a system, imagine someone asking you the correct spelling for "cassette" and the only tool you have to find out is a calculator and a command line, good luck with that. this software was written to put a ton of restrictions so that its safe to be used by just about any rep with no danger of fraud to customers, so that they can give out account numbers and addresses knowing they are safe. and most of the time it looks very primitive and complicated, I really don't think any of you would have ANY idea on how to deal with this software unless you were taught exactly how to, just like us.

to end this really long rant I have to admit, I myself have had terrible experiences with bad CS reps, and some of them are my coworkers who I see making terrible mistakes and the only thing I can do is facepalm, really. but the key to everything is taking in mind that reps don't mean to waste your time, because the only thing they want to do is get you off the call as soon as possible as they have keep the call flow steady. so next time you lose your nerve with someone you think its being stupid, don't yell at them or sound confrontational, because that will make most of them actually unwilling to help you even if there is something they can do. If you really feel like you will lose it, hang up and call again, that kills two birds with a stone, it helps you get help from a better rep (hopefully) and it helps the previous rep keep their job.

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