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FedEx: They Absolutely, Positively Should Have Gotten it Right the First Time - Comments

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Katy from TX

What non-sense do you work for one of these clowns? your company takes the shipper's good condition PACKAGE, charges an extra fee for JUST IN CASE DAMAGE, then takes their hard earn MONEY then smashes the package then expects the shipping client to beg or plea with your company to please refund me back my money plus the item's value asap only to be told please be nice to us although we are kicking you in the rear and we have your money so if I don't like your tone I can really stick it to you since I (fedex,usp,dhl etc.) are holding all the cards.


If you have zero integrity and cannot stand behind what you claim and charge for then get out of business ASAP.

I had a similar experience in Manning, SC, but it was with UPS. A Fed Ex driver told me there was a UPS drop off location next to the Interstate. The UPS website, however, told me the nearest location with people was 20 miles away, but there were unmanned locations I could drop smaller packages in town.

I told the people at that location (a truck stop that sells CBs, does detailing, etc., and is a shipping drop off point). They said it was probably because they weren't JUST a delivery drop off point.

STILL ... I don't want to drive to ANOTHER county seat in order to ship my package (it was prepaid, so I didn't want to use Fed Ex.)

These companies can be ridiculous.

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(Read the article that everyone's commenting on.)

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