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FedEx: They Absolutely, Positively Should Have Gotten it Right the First Time - Comments

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Okay, I just got a canned response from a place I never expected: My college financial aid office.

I asked for info on Chapter 35 benefits (for dependents of disabled veterans), an uncommon but not rare benefit. What I got in return was an email detailing how to apply for the three most common veterans' education benefits -- all for actual veterans, not dependents.

So it's not just the commercial but the academic world that is guilty of this.

Two years ago, my daughter sent a Christmas package via FedEx. She paid extra to be sure that we got it before Christmas Day (shipped eight days prior to). Three days before the big day and no package. My daughter contacted FedEx about this and was told that the package had been delivered. After some more calls, they admitted that it had not been delivered but would be at my house before Christmas. If it were only so. Two days after Christmas, I received a notice via USPS that they could not deliver the package as they could not find my address and could I come to their office to pick up my package. Funny that UPS has no trouble finding my address. My daughter now sends all packages via UPS and we have not had any problems since.

You should try ordering something from the US to be shipped abroad. We don't have states and we don't have postcodes. So the company will refuse to sell because they can't ship because the parcel service cannot send it without the state and zip. I have learnt to write my address as number, street, city, city, 1111 country. If they send it DHL, the company here knows where to deliver it. But I know how much business they lose from me over this, so you would think they would fix it. After all these companies spend huge amounts advertising to overseas customers, so they should want to sell (and ship) to us.

Re: Joe Roady

I experienced a similar problem. Notice how you had something shipped via FedEx, but later received notification from USPS.

FedEx has a shipping arrangement with the USPS to perform "last mile" shipping for them on some packages (the super-cheap rate). I believe FedEx does the bulk transfer from shippers to your locale, and those super-cheap packages are then dropped en masse with the local P.O., who then performs the "last-mile" delivery to you.

Knowing the poor performance of our postal system (I still receive my brother's mail on occasion, becuase I left a forwarding address FIVE YEARS ago, and the P.O. morons are too lazy to read the name on the mail), I distrust shipping through USPS.

Moral of the story-watch out for the super-cheap rate with FedEx.

Like some of the others leaving comments, I'd had better service from UPS than Fedex. If someone sends a package to my home address that requires a signature, UPS is willing to reroute the package to my work address. Fedex only offers me the choice of going to their office or waiting at home.

Last week I had to order a warranty replacement for my PDA and they shipped it "overnight" with DHL. I expected it on Wednesday but it never showed up. Checked the website and it had arrived in the area but never made it to the truck. So Thursday rolls around and the DHL website says it's on the truck and on its way. Finally! I'm home all day waiting and there's no doorbell ring, no knock on the door, no phone call, nothing. At about 2:30pm I'm headed outside to run an errand when I drop my keys and as they land I notice the welcome mat has a slight bulge in it.

It's my PDA. Under the welcome mat. Exactly where it would get stepped on if I hadn't looked down very carefully. (The whole package is just under 2/3 of an inch thick.) Best of all, right on the front is the big blue "Adult Signature Required" sticker. The DHL website shows it as delivered and signed for! My call to the DHL office gets me nothing but runaround and I've lost a whole day to this and the PDA was unscathed so I didn't pursue it up the chain. But I'm sure to tell everybody I see to be wary of shipping precious cargo DHL since they clearly can't get it out on time, can't follow their own mandates, and can't even be bothered to ring a doorbell when they do finally show up.

OHHHH FedEx....just when I thought to have a good night I read this post and cant help myself to vent for a little while.
We are in Australia and ship goods to a UK client via FedEx we use his account. We do not have an account with FedEx in Australia.

First MOST annoying FedEx quirk: call their 13 number for a booking; "please enter your 9digit code" you would think that entering the UK code would work since FedEx is an International Company, however..." the code you entered is not valid" ok so then enter about 50 zeros before a customer "service" agent in Malaysia or Singapore or India or wherever they are answer your call. By now they do have our details (from our calling ID) and booking is made.
Simple fix FedEx, interface your database to WorldWide not just Local Clients. We made our customer spend around 30.000 Australian Dollars so far on your Company. Maybe DHL or TNT can help us better?

Then there is the Super Annoying FedEx quirk number 2 : "Oh Mr.W" the 'Service Agent' says, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" "Actually YES THERE IS , I need some 10kg and 25kg FedEx boxes...." "Ahhhh Mr.W." she goes, "those boxes are ONLY FOR FEDEX CUSTOMERS, we can not just give them to anyone, people use them for other things you know like when they move or storage in their garage." Seriously I had this conversation......

Then she says that there is NO WAY we can get these boxes. So a few emails to the client in the UK and the boxes arrive the next few days. I mean what a load of shit is this? We are the agent for this UK customer and FedEx would have a full record of the boxes we have had delivered so far and the ones that have gone out. Which is 100%.

It is a wonder FedEx doesn't put a surcharge on the box and need it returned for a refund.

If FedEx stuffs us around one more time we will go to TNT or DHL...probably TNT because they seem very keen for FedEx business right now in Australia.

There were a few times that people tried to mail me things through USPS, only to have them returned by some idiot who was too bloody lazy to either ring up the apartment building manager or leave me an attempted delivery notice. I finally had to call my regular mailman and yell at him for a few minutes in order to get the situation taken care of.

It turns out that the substitute carriers on our route don't have a key giving them access to our building, so they're either supposed to ring up the manager to let them in, or leave an attempted delivery slip in our boxes if the package is too big for the mailbox. In my case, I only got one notice, and it was a "Final Attempt" notice before USPS would return the package (which, in this case, I had ordered through Amazon) to the original sender. Needless to say, I was not happy about that, which is why I chewed out my regular carrier over the phone. Thankfully, he got the problem fixed.

My guess is that "Elaine" doesn't exist. She's the equivalent of the voicemail lady. Your first email was routed to a computer that picked up on words like "location" and "drop off" and quickly returned its canned response. A quick, cheap answer to what they assume will be the majority of correspondents and frustration for the 'few' with real concerns...

I just went through a nightmare with fed ex myself. I had a package delivered for Wednesday that had to have my signature. It showed up Tuesday - not home so I waited all morning on Wednesday. I look online and they say it was attempted but no one home. I called them up saying that's ludicrous. I have been up and home since 8:30 am. First they say well there was no apartment number. I said there had to be, the day before the fed ex man left a message on my machine that he tried to deliver it. I got a manager who gave me the same lip service. Then they tell me they can't redeliver it after 4pm (I had to go out) because they do pickups then. Huh??? She then says she will make sure the package is there before 10:30 the next morning.

I waited and I look online. 9:43 it was "delivered" but no one home. I lost it on them. I have been sitting here and yes, my buzzer works. Then I get left on hold for 30 minutes. I called back demanding the package be there now and 10 minutes later, it arrives. I look at the door tag and I said to the guy, it would be helpful if you would get the right apartment number. So I wrote fed ex customer service a recap of this. I got the EXACT same response after saying I don't want to hear a textbook excuse. They said it was unusual. Well clearly from the above comments, it's becoming the norm. They claimed they would look further into it.

I just don't know how companies can get away with such incompetency. I am willing to pay more just to not use fed ex in the future. Talk about wasting time and energy.

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