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FedEx: They Absolutely, Positively Should Have Gotten it Right the First Time - Comments

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The problem with these delivery services is the people they hire. My brother used to be a manager for one and they hire whoever they can get their hands on to drive the trucks.

These are people who quit in a few weeks or get fired in a month, but not for the actual delivering or picking up of packages. They hate going out of their way to pick up or drop of a package. They'll do everything to not have to do unexpected pickups or deliveries until the last minute of their shift and if they forget, oh, well, they won't tell anyone. If a package can't be delivered (can't find address, blah, blah, blah), sometimes they act like it's been delivered and then take it to sell on the streets.

As for addresses in computer systems. It's really weird. I've lived at the same address for a year, but its not any map system on the internet. I have to use the address for the local grocery store to get directions to anything and even then some don't have that address.

DHL has pulled a good one on one of the local major banks.

I just finished up a short-term assignment downtown for this bank, assisting in a "refresh" project (replacing computers whose 3 year lease was up with new machines, migrating user data, and shipping the old machines back to the leasing company). At least once a day, some tech walks into the user's office (where the "new" computer should be sitting and waiting) only to find... no computer ("I thought YOU were bringing it!").

DHL failed to deliver the system(s) due to "faulty address" on the package... and supposedly mailed a post card to ask the recipient to call them with the correct one.

Now, mind you, they are delivering dozens if not hundreds of computer systems each week, all to the same buildings housing the bank's offices (the only difference is the end user name and mail stop). ALL of the packages are coming from the same out of state central configuration warehouse. ALL of the packages for each building have the same address and are delivered to the same receiving dock or office in each building. So, how could they have a "bad" address?

Think a few fell of the truck enroute?

Oh yes... it seems that an average of one laptop or desktop a day doesn't make it back to the return center. Disappears in shipping. Obviously, the tech didn't put the label on right, or the right label on the box, couldn't POSSIBLY be DHL's fault, hmmm?

Glad I start a new job tomorrow!

Fedex Ground Customer Service is the Worst

Recently, I ordered a disk drive to be shipped via Fedex Ground a distance of 30 miles from San Jose, CA to Watsonville, CA. The Fedex web tracking indicated a 1 day delivery. It's now 7 days later and I still don't have the package with no delivery in site. The package has been misrouted a total of 3 times to LA, Sacramento, and is now in Portland, OR. Repeated calls to customer service have resulted in no help. Promises to call me back are not kept.

Because I needed the disk drive for my business, I made a trip to the local Fedex ground depot. I waited approx. 45 minutes for the representative to try to sort the issue out. He came back and said there is nothing he can do because the package is now at one of their hubs. "If all goes well, you should have it in a few days." Ya, right. These guys are incompetent.

I have used UPS dozens of times in my business and have never had a problem. Just yesterday I ordered some items via Amazon in the morning. They arrived the next day in perfect condition! This is ground service from Washington state to California in one day. UPS rules !


The real nightmare is DHL !!! Here's my story.

UNEXPECTEDLY POOR service, I couldn't believe it !!! I ordered something from Amazon (Japan) and supposingly it arrived on Tuesday. (I found out later that night that I've actually missed the delivery of the package). Called 1800-CALL-DHL the day after (Wednesday) and asked why I didn't get a call from home or a knock at the door or anything and they told me that Amazon didn't write my Suite/Apt. number down so they couldn't have gotten it to me... but I mean, the person has my name on the package and my name with the call number is clearly written on a board but they told me the delivery person doesn't have time to check or call (not even 1 minute to check? Calling is the only option to entering an apt, checking my name on the board just add another minute or so.)

Anyways, I ignored that and arranged a time for delivery, paid the fee with a VISA card and the staff told me that it's going to arrive the day after (very sure); okay, waited at home full-day yesterday (Thursday), nobody came no package came, called and asked and the staff told me packages come in 12-24, or 24-48 hours, doesn't matter, NOW somebody told me it's not Thursday, but it could also be Friday, what, is this a joke? So FINE, I waited at home today expecting the package and yet, you know what? Yes, nobody came again and no package came again. I called again at 5 and you know what it is this time? The staff told me they only ship on Mondays... WHAT? Now it's ONLY Monday?

So what exactly DHL is telling me is that your time is money and you don't have time to waste on me, a customer, not even a minute; but my time means nothing and you can waste my time in whatever way you feel like. Does my time seem so unimportant to you? I have a lot to do, a lot of places to go to, and I could've been working too. This is ridiculous and the poorest service EVER!!! Can't believe what's become of DHL.

AND it was sent with EXPRESS.

I am a CSR for FedUp, and here is some helpful, insider information.

First, I don't know any one of us who likes getting Ground Service problem calls. The reason it is so cheap is that it provides slower ship times (truck versus air) and very little service in comparison to Express. The tracking isn't as precise or updated as often, the terminals aren't set up for customer service or interaction, we can't contact the drivers even with messages, and response times are next-business-day. It's pretty much "you get what you pay for".

The problem is that recipients only know that they're getting a package from FedEx, and they go ballistic on us on a daily basis because they're not getting the service level they're accustomed to from Express. I can't offer you what the shipper didn't pay for, no matter how much I wish I could, and yes, I really do care that you get this package, because I'm a customer too, and when something is coming to me, I want it ASAP.

Another thing...we have to do what the shipper requested. Most of the cell phone companies have stipulated in their contracts with us that we won't re-route their packages. Many of the big internet stores do, and most computer & catalog companies do, too. And we can only re-route if the shipper calls and they don't have that ban, period. And if they request a direct signature, we can't just waive that if you call us, they paid for that service. Our agreement is with the shipper, always, never the recipient, even if the cost of shipping was included in your cost of purchasing.

One thing we really wish is that on those web sites they remind people to think about their ship-to address, to consider if someone will be there to sign for something. You can usually give a different ship-to address, like work, or a friend, or even request that we hold it for pickup at a Fedex facility or a Kinko's, if it's Express. I get yelled at every day by people who are angry because they won't be home for a delivery, when they were the ones who provided that address in the first place. It's hard not to laugh. I mean, seriously, what were you thinking?

Last things...a CSR can't make changes to the information on the web site or the phone prompt system, or delete old account info (I wish!). A CSR can't tell you where your driver is at the moment, or call him/her (Ground OR Express). Say "Rep", "Representative" or push "0" to get past the prompt system. Jets can't take off during wind shear or blizzards. Not even pretty white and purple jets. None of the station or terminal numbers are for public use and we can't give out the internal numbers or we'll risk our jobs (my name goes on every customer interaction I make on my computer, and a manager WILL drag me into their office and chew my ass out when I fark up). I can't give you my number, my email address, or my myspace link, if you think I sound sexy, either (sorry, you sound cute, too, but invariably this will be the one call my boss is monitoring today and I'll get busted if I sound anything less than professional).

If you're really PO'ed or want to be heard or make a change, call us and tell us you want us to file a complaint. It takes a few minutes but we'll type out just what is wrong and send it to someone who will actually read it, and complaints are the only way the people who can change things will know it needs fixing. Yelling at me might make you feel better, but it won't effect change unless you're willing to say "here's my name, number, etc, and this is what's wrong", and let me document it. I get to feel good about making a real difference for you, for fixing a problem for potentially everyone else, and you get to know you were heard by more than just the customer service chick.

It was a long, hard process to get this job, and I'm proud of where I work. We are considered the best in the CS world. I train constantly, I stick to strict adherence of policies and procedures, and this week before Christmas I'll put in around 60 hours answering your calls. It's not rocket science, but I get full medical, dental and vision for about $25 a month, $5k tuition reimbursement a year, and my retirement is set. When I'm on the phone, all that matters is you and your packages(s).


Thank you so much for giving us such a humorous and helpful look at the other side of the curtain! Thank you especially for the info on how to cut through the phone maze to get to a live person, and what to say to make sure my problem gets the proper attention.

And no matter how smart and funny you sound here, I promise not ask for your number. ;-)

FedEx just plain sucks. We scheduled a pickup today and the FedEx guy didn't bring his dolly with him and we had 5 boxes going out. He refused to go back and get the dolly, took what we could carry, and then told us to go downstairs (6 floors down) to drop off the rest to his truck. I normally use FedEx Ground because he is much nicer, but I had to get it there overnight. Way to go Express. :(

I just found this site, very entertaining. Anyway, in response to Al from Australia (page 2) when you call fedex for a pickup they use your account number to know where to pick up. That's why he has such trouble using his customer's account in England. He should get his own account (no charge I believe) so they know where to pick up. Just put bill to recipient on the paperwork along with his customer's acct. no. That way he doesn't pay anything and can get shipping supplies for free on his acct also.

We had the same problem when we opened a branch in the U.S. and tried to use our Canadian acct. Otherwise, I have had good service from both fedex and ups although fedex ground can be slower, but are easier to set up an account.

To "Bill" who seems angry that companies only ship with one carrier:

Apparently you have never worked for a real company. I own my own business. We have to ship out multiple packages every day. Every year, we re-evaluate our shipping, and request quotes from the different carriers. The one that provides us with the lowest shipping rates for our packages (and has not be shown to be unreliable) is the one we go with. We cannot get the best rates for our customers by having shipping accounts with all the carriers, and we want to provide our customers with the least expensive shipping charges. If our carrier should happen to strike, then I suppose we would ship everything priority mail, but that is the least reliable method of all. It's barely trackable. I think you should be more informed before you spout off about how angry it makes you when you hear a company will only ship one way.

The first of the month I ordered (and paid for) a DVD/VCR combo through Amazon.com. The package arrived here but the local fedex driver could not find my appartment and the phone number provided was disconnected. So the package was returned to sender. I emailed the sender and informed them that the package had been returned and to please resend to my correct address including the appt number AND phone number.

I also asked that they NOT use fedex: UPS and USPS have both have found me. (And I had called fedex customer support to ask why they didn't leave the package at the appartment office and had been hung up on!) they informed me that they only use fedex! I am still waiting - have no idea what address they used for shipping! And it makes me very angry, also, that ANY company would refuse to ship with another carrier when they have been shown the one they use isn't reliable!

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