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Food Contamination - Comments

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WOW - that is disgusting and I am a petless family now. For some reason thought there was some quality control on pet food. ICK!

Very good post, Randy. I stressed through the pet food crisis; though my cat was safe (dry food only and the food wasn't on any recall list), my parents had a dog who ate wet food. She was fine though.

I was honestly shocked to read you used Special Kitty food. Have you read the ingredients? I think meat was like third or fourth on the list. Cats aren't vegetarians. I can't afford a premium brand, and being on welfare, i've been tempted to buy Special Kitty for the price. Then I look at the ingredients again and the ingredients for the brand I do buy (Whiskas, at almost twice the price) and see the difference in the quality of ingredients and there's really no choice.

I was buying my cat some wet food as a treat and looked at one of the brands that's marketed as high end. Grains were the first ingredient! I looked at the no-name brand, the first three ingredients were meats. Sure, they were by-products but at least it was meat!

So you can't go by price, or by brand. Always read the ingredients, human or pet.


I'm probably like most people: no, I didn't read the cat food ingredients. I will now, though. -rc

Randy, I won't feed my kids the 99 cent value meal from the big chain fast food places. I don't feed my animals that stuff either. The low cost foods have to keep the costs low somehow. If it isn't using lower cost (read quality) ingredients, then they cut somewhere else. Quality control, cleanliness, somewhere. Look at the big U.S. egg fiasco as a case in point. Sanitation not up to standards. Chickens not vaccinated for salmonella (hey this would add 14 cents to the cost of the chicken over its egg laying life, who could blame them?)

I try to feed my family fresh local grown food. I know that is not easy for pet food unless you are going to make your own, but we go with name brands and have to trust that they live up to their reputation.

We grow more and more incensed at the risks we have taken when we rely so heavily on Chinese products, whether it is a finished product or an ingredient in something made elsewhere.

I don't pretend to know what American customers can responsibly do since we are so economically dependent on those cheap Chinese products. The question is, therefore, open.

I found one dairy here that says their milk comes from cows that haven't been given hormones. Great, but it costs an arm and a leg.

I've seen pet food that was moldy like that, but never when I bought it. That is pretty bad.

There's a video out about our food supply that may make you consider buying a cow or half for your freezer each year and forego pork altogether.

I'm also learning about aquaponics to grow food and protein in a healthy totally organic manner.

There is a very interesting video on the healthypetnet.com web site labeled "Do you really know what's in your pet's food?" They are primarily trying to get you to buy Life's Abundance dog and cat food, but they talk about the history of the Pet Food industry and how to read pet food labels. It was very interesting to me that the pet food industry was basically created to get rid of excess grain production. It's also good to know how to read and understand the pet food labels.

I've always fed my cat high-quality food -- Friskies Special (or Senior) Diet, these past few years, which wasn't involved in the contamination problem. Quite a while ago I discovered she doesn't like food with "meat by-products" which could literally be anything from any kind of animal. She's 19 now, getting a little feeble but still generally healthy -- my vet complimented me on how well I've taken care of her.

For myself, I avoid non-name-brand sold at discount and dollar stores. Why take the chance? I've found many of the store brand products sold by Aldi are good value, but always read the labels.


When I mentioned "meat by-products" to my wife today, I told her it meant chicken lips. -rc

We get what we are willing to pay for. Walmart sources most of its products from China because their customers demand low prices. It is time to take our country back and to begin buying local, from locally owned merchants who stock their shelves with locally grown or produced merchandise. It may cost a little more, but only when we grow or manufacture in this country can we be assured of quality and the dollars staying in our communities.

I am disgusted by the "special kitty" food.

Based on the shapes visible, I can't help but wonder if some disgruntled worker has tossed in a "doggy do", or if a cat has used it as a litter box prior to packaging.

But as for the contamination of the cat food with dog biscuits, this type of activity happens very regularly with food for humans - again it's just the profit motive: I have purchased items like chocolate coated macadamia nuts (an expensive nut), and found that they have a handful of (cheaper) chocolate coated almonds in each kilo.

I also am regularly amused and disgusted that products like beef sausages contain a very minimal amount of meat, and are usually stuffed full of cereals etc.

I laughed out loud when I saw one supermarket practice truth in labeling - they were selling "Beef flavoured sausages". They didn't even try to pretend they contained meat.

These two examples are just the safe/safer examples of contamination perpetrated by those driven by profit, and I shudder to know what other dangerous acts are being carried out in the name of profit.

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