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Netgear Rebate Ripoff - Comments

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I find it interesting that you chastise Netgear and Amazon for dishonesty, but you (and your friend) are willing to take an extra $50 on your rebate if everything would have gone in your favor. Honesty is what's sorely lacking in today's society.


Amazon advertised a $150 rebate. The vendor advertised a $200 rebate. Netgear paid neither, so your first thought is to chastise me for wanting either promise to be followed? Interesting ethical sense you have there, Rick. -rc

Wow, Netgear really has an arrogant stance. This attitude kills corporations or just maims them such as Netflix -- particularly when the president publicly stated if the people don't like it, they'll vote with their wallets. Well they have making him eat his words. Well done everyone. Corporate executives feel invincible and they end up getting hit in the end by karma.

Randy you did well in fighting for your rebate, there was 1 other avenue you could address and that's calling the president/CEO/the Big Heads (bonus points for picking out that reference) directly and get them involved since they really hate dealing with unhappy customers and want it resolved by the people that caused the problem.

The one thing that most people don't know is that 'Rebate Programs' for most retailers are 99% of the time wholesaled out to another company to actually run the rebate program for them. That is probably why Netgear never got involved directly -- another company is handling the rebate so they don't have the info.

I tend to stick to retailers that don't offer rebates directly to the customers but take care of the rebates directly and sell it at the discounted price. There are a few of them out there that do that.

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(Read the article that everyone's commenting on.)

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