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No One Else Can Say That! - Comments

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I thought the promise included that the ketchup was made from tomatoes grown from Heinz seeds which, while it is more than an invocation of trademark law, isn't much more substantial: It just means they grow their own tomatoes from seeds they own.


...which they summarize in the last two lines: one for the "grown" aspect, and another to crow "no one else can use this phrase" -- which is ridiculous for the reasons stated. -rc

Chuckle, I'd call that a rant Randy. But seriously I find myself reading everything I find around me when I am on the throne or other bored events. Amazing what information you can find. I wonder just how much people pay attention to advertising? I automatically tune out commercials on TV, magazines, well, everything. I wonder how many do the same.

Amen, Randy. It reminds me of the Reagan-era decision of the FDA that ketchup counts as a vegetable for school lunches! The current absurdity (pushed by the frozen pizza companies) is that the tiny bit of sauce on a slice of pizza counts as a serving of vegetable.

Randy - Maybe you should NEVER eat alone...even if you have to pluck a guest off the street at random, which can lead to some interesting conversations.

I recall that author Robert Fulghum sometimes carried a 'tent card' to place on the table, inviting people to 'sit down for a cup, and tell me your story' - gleaning at least one book from what he heard.

I do fully sympathize with your irritation at companies trying to 'trademark' the whole darn English language (it certainly seems they are). The most egregious example, to me, is Apple's continuous quest to trademark an i-version of every word they can find.


iKnow(®Apple)! -rc

"Grown not made" plays up on consumer fears of those "deadly" bioengineered crops and the panic about foods that don't really contain much of the basic ingredient they are supposedly made of (made with tomato-flavored paste instead of just tomato paste). Still, I thought that there were rules about the trademark not being so vaguely applicable that it can't possibly be specific to that one product. Could I really start selling apple sauce and trademark "Made From Real Apples"?

I hate the "manufactured in the USA" statements. What you're really reading is "We outsourced our growing/production facilities to other countries, but shipped the parts/ingredients back to the States to be assembled or concocted in the US because we want to appear like a good American company and don't want you to know that other part." I don't particularly care where the ingredients come from, personally. What I dislike is the implication that I'm too stupid as a consumer to figure out the shell game they're playing.


I think it's required by federal law to state where an item is made -- at least, if it ever crosses a national border. -rc

Mfg means may not have been grown in the USA.

Ingredients of tomato concentrate is not the same as 100% tomatoes grow from their seeds. So the legalese words do Not backup their advertising blurb. And restaurants are known for refilled bottles & not refrigerating bottles after opening.

I'm more bothered by the fact that it contains HFC.


HFCS -- high-fructose corn syrup, yes. I was wondering when there'd be a comment about that. I'm not sure why there "needs" to be sweeteners in ketchup, and figure the reason is to make kids like it more. -rc

I was fired because of ketchup so I found this interesting. I worked as a cook in a daycare in the '80s and one of the lunches was Ham and Cheese Quiche (men don't eat quiche should be children don't eat quiche).

Situation: I got permission from the Asst Director to serve ketchup with this meal as a dab of ketchup on the quiche got more children willing to eat it. Well, that Asst Director was let go for standing up to our problematic Director. I also did not let the director push me around so when she saw the ketchup on quiche day she went ballistic on me in front of co-workers and then fired me the next day, 3 days short of a being there a year.

Life went on but ketchup will always conjure up that &*#^ face of arrogance.

This is funny in a way. Yes, it is rant worthy. There's even the ironic twist that they use their trademarked phrase "grown not made" yet it's also manufactured, which I always thought was somewhat synonymous with being made.

Unlike Michael from Mo, I don't automatically tune out commercials. I have gotten very cynical over the years. At one time I was merely skeptical, but now I pretty much distrust nearly all ads from TV and radio.

Grown not made. I suppose they just grow that high fructose corn syrup?? And the distilled vinegar? Grows on trees right?? Geeesh.

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