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"Paypal Sucks" - Comments

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Randy, you often speak of the newsletters/sites/etc that you just don't have time to start... do you keep a list of these somewhere? I (and others, I'm sure) would be happy to start work on some of these knowing that you've primed the pump, as it were, and would be able to get the ball rolling on site traffic.

If you'll forgive a convoluted turn of phrase, maybe we need a site about concepts for sites, too...


I pretty much think ideas are a dime a dozen -- I have had hundreds of online business that I have thought of and passed by, some of which are probably million-dollar+ concepts. The idea isn't the important part, though, it's the implementation that matters, and that takes a lot of work and time. I'm not afraid of hard work (I've been putting in 60-80 hours/week for the past 15 years!), but time is a tight commodity, because of that. If you see an idea and want to run with it, by all means do so. You'll have little competition, since there aren't many people have have ideas AND time AND are willing to put in the work! -rc

Paypalsucks.com has been listed as a "possible phishing site". At least that what my virus scanner says.

It seems that someone somewhere got mad enough to file a false report, and got away with it.

I just thought your readers might like to know.

Hi we used Paypal (or Painpal) for a payment transaction and accepted their rediculous service charge and then found that we couldnt put the money into the business account without waiting 4-6 days. What sort of nonsense is this? 4-6 days? And this is a service that is paid for folks. What a joke. I do not call this service and will never use their service again. They are criminals full stop!!

Please also be aware that once you have authorized a vendor purchase the vendor is allowed to adjust or add on to the purchase total for the next 30 days. This provision was intended to assist in making purchases where the shipping would have to be determined at the actual shipping time and the vendor could then add this to the purchase amount. This however actually allows the vendor to put more charges on your purchase including their errors. This happened when a vendor had accounting issues and they overcharged me. When I contacted Paypal and described what happened including that I had documentation showing how much I have approved Paypal explained that in their system there isn't anything to protect the paypal member. They make money from billing funds for vendors and this is who they protect. Even though ownership may be different from ebay (who started Paypal) these days this is still the same as ebay where the sellers are always protected and preferred. Buyers Beware - Paypal has some dangers to you in their system!!!

I've been a paypal user for 10 years with no problems till took 728.95 out of my account. to pay for a camera that someone in NJ sent to Hong Kong. that i never bought but i happened to catch it before my bank took it out completly. Thanks to online banking . First finding the phone number to paypal took ahwhile, then getting through all the computer options i findly talked to a real Customer servise person. Who said that the security problem had been fixed and they will refund. i told them that i didn't have the 728 in there at the moment so my bank just bounced it. paypal said "Great, Sorry for the Inconvenance , My bank didn't even charge a NSF fee. Should have been the end of the story.... but 8 days later a debit for the 728.95 came through and this time it cleared. Causing all my other bills to bounce!! i called PP again. they said... Well when a transaction doesn't clear it automaticly gets sent back through... 3 times! So they allowed a Known Fraudulent transaction to continue when we had it stopped. Needless to say my bank isn't as understanding this time... im filling out forms and all kinds od stuff. PP said it was automated and they couldn't stop it.. But they could have told me it was going to happen and we could've stopped it. Morons

I went to delete my paypal account and guess what? You can't delete it for 45 days AFTER your last purchase. So even though my last purchase was November 22, as of December 6 I cannot close my account. The guy on the phone told me I would have to WAIT until January 6.

So ridiculous.

Yet another reason I am going to cancel my account.


I don't see anything odd about this: if someone bought something from you, keeping the account open protects them in case of dispute. I'm actually surprised it's not 60 or 90 days. If you bought someone from someone else, it protects you. Chill. -rc

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