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Punished by eNom for a Registration Placeholder - Comments

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An automated self destruct based on the bad phone number? That sucks! It would be wise for a company like that to create a flag on any account that makes changes like you did, then a HUMAN might take a look to see if it's a concern, as a service to YOU.

I wonder that the long term existence of the domain didn't mean anything in the equation. What really interests me is who they wish to protect, you the customer? Um well.... if your site got hijacked, it would most likely be your fault (bad password or something). Your site would go down or change and you would do something about it. Your registrar's solution to potential problems reminds me of Norton's Internet Suckurity: Your web site is safe if no one can use it, and your computer is safe from viri if you can't get online.

Check out register4less.com - they are a Canadian company, I have always been able to reach a helpful human, and, even though you don't have any interest in this service, they offer anonymizing for no extra charge! They do not post their domain-without-hosting price but will send it to you if you request it. Great customer service, not one problem so far, and I host 10+ domains there.

Here's a question: What if you don't have a phone? Sure, it's unlikely, but not impossible. I know people with cable modems and cell phones who cancel their landlines. I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one person out there who's gone a step further and conducts all communications through their computer.

A suggestion on top of Denise's answer: If you used a 555 prefix, you wouldn't even have to worry about someone else getting the telemarketer calls.


Apparently ICANN rules require a "voice telephone number", so I don't know what would happen if someone didn't have one. And I'd guess a 555 prefix would trigger their filters as easily as a 000 one would. -rc

Let me recommend DomainDiscover, who are professional (in my experience, anyway), and don't tend to pull this kind of crap.

About your comment on Peter's post:

You think that enom should have given prior notice, but how could they if you had put in fake info? And if notifying you an automated process, which I would assume, an autoresponse with your contact info would probably be ignored by their computer.

Your comment "any web site, including yours, can be knocked off the 'net without warning and without notice" is only based on the fact that you didn't receive a notice. And fake info is not exactly a "mundane" reason, at least for the resistrar, since they stand to lose their business.

Of course, none of this explains why they shut down your sites only hours after you updated your info, which is why I do totally agree with you.


Just because it's an autoresponder doesn't mean I don't monitor messages to it. -rc

Interesting article. Sorry about this problem. However, I am wondering if "enom" has become part of the governmental "spying network" that is being put in place? It seems to me that your circulation alone could bring you to the attention of any data gathering effort(s). I'm not really paranoid, but I read voraciously. Article after article on the web seems to be concerned with governmental spying. Perhaps "enom" has knuckled under to the pressure?

I think the registrar acted with some degree of alacrity to get the matter sorted out and you up and running again the next day. However, you, on the other hand, were writing of your indignation within, apparently, hours of being dropped. I wonder how much revenue your petulance will cost the domain registrar? And I wonder if it will only cost them one day's worth of revenue or will it go on for months and months as people react to your tirade?

I'm sorry, Randy, I understand your annoyance and frustration but I think you need to be a little understanding too.


The registrar responded with alacrity? It took more than 12 hours for them to respond! How much might this cost them? Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars, if I have any ability to do anything about it. I need some understanding? I yet again expressed plenty, right from the start. I fail to understand why so many can't grasp the simple concept that there is a need to send notice or, preferably, warning before taking action on a trivial matter. That's all I asked for. It's simply not too much to ask. -rc

Have you tried to contact any other registrars? For instance, I am very happy with PairNIC, but wonder if the same thing could happen. My experience with PAIR is absolutely the best, and their customer service has been fantastic. My suggestion is to contact them and ask about their policy and whether they would pull the same stunt on you (or me). I think we could all benefit from what you find out.


I intend to review other registrars' policies and make a decision, but unlike enom I intend to do it diligently and with care, rather than rush and blunder. -rc

You know, I wonder if they'll take your sites down again if they notice this article, and demand you take the article down before they put them back up? (At which point you could REALLY go to the press, but some corporations aren't intelligent enough to follow that flow of thought -- especially since doing that is technically legal until we pass Net Neutrality laws.)

To the person talking about the governmental spying network: Really, I doubt the government is making a spying network. Consider your sources on this one, and the frequent hoax-scares and chain letters, and you'll most likely come out with the answer of how that spread so fast.


Yet I see little difference in that person's suggestion vs yours -- both demonstrate a touch of paranoia, but being paranoid doesn't mean "they" aren't out to get you...! -rc

The saying goes that there is a "silver lining to every dark cloud".

This incident just adds to your repertoire of valuable information that your thousands of readers will most likely take to heart more seriously.

These people have a miserable little lives' and as such they are always being told what to do by someone else.

Given the FIRST chance to get over someone they snatch it up immediately because it makes them feel powerful.

I had a very similar thing happen to me In Los Gatos CA. I was trying to file a form with the clerk of courts (NOT criminal division, they're mean to those people all the time) and after an hour and a half of standing in line was told I checked a wrong checkbox. I started to "X" out the wrong box and initial it so I could check the correct box. I was told to fill out a new form and get back in line. This person (miserable little life court clerk) would not budge an inch on the issue!

So I had to refill in a form and wait another hour this time, total time in clerks office, over three hours filling out forms and waiting in life.

I did notice that after her power trip she had a smile on her face with just about everyone that followed me.

eNom = 1
Randy, TRUE information disseminated =1, increase reader knowledge = 1, make someone's (little lifer) =1, everyone learns a lesson = 1 ++++Total 4

Winner = Randy and All of Randy's readers

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