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Punished by eNom for a Registration Placeholder - Comments

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Perhaps the autoresponder didn't work because the domain on it had been pulled. Wonder how that could happen? Lol.

Would probably depend if the autoresponder address is monitored. Wondering if they sent notification from a dead email to stop that being caught for spam (then get cranky if you try same thing).

On the other hand I've had to use Nominet over here to remove a cyberSquatter. Apparently nothing in rules about registering thousands of domains to sell on, but there were issues with the contact info. However the squatter was given 3 notifications over a 45 day period to resolve the issue. Even sitting at the sharp end of this one I still considered it fair and just to be given the opportunity to fix his error.

I know it doesn't apply to all your sites, but for personal non-money making domains there is the option to hide contact info, which I have set up on all my home ones.

It seems to me that you were not prepared to do the simple task you set out to do. You supplied information that was obviously false and were caught. You are trying to rationalize your behavior with the existance of pointers and the extreme response from your doimain registrar.

Yes, the response was extreme and without appropriate notice
Yes, the existing information was not valid.
Yes, autoresponders point to information that is current.

Notwithstanding all that, you showed up for the test without two sharpened #2 pencils.


I already acknowledged that. So your contention is that you disagree, and if I make any mistake whatever, that justifies their extreme behaviors. May you never do anything at all wrong in your entire life. -rc

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(Read the article that everyone's commenting on.)

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