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"The World's Most Advanced E-Book Reader" - Comments

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I have purchased quite a few ebooks. For my BlackBerry.

For me, ebooks have two advantages

1. I can carry dozens in my pocket. This is not the case if I have to carry a big, bulky, separate device around. My phone I have anyway, because it's also my music player and, you know, phone.

2. Books that aren't in stores can be in my hand in 30 seconds. I happen to like the works of PC Hodgell, which as far as I can tell aren't available locally. Rather than wait days for delivery, I just buy, download, read.

I share the writer's feelings about dysfunctional technology and prefer paper books anyway, but what bearing does the service guy's beard have on the story??

Regarding the name "Nook eBook Reader". I am convinced they did, in fact, say the name out loud and decided to get the extra publicity garnered by the "unintended" double entendre.

I have to say, I was thinking of buying an e-reader, and leaning toward a Kindle or Nook. My mother got me a Sony Pocket Reader for xmas, not what I would have chosen but it was a (rather expensive) gift, so you smile and act appreciative, right? After using it for a few months now, I have been pleasantly surprised, I really like it and wouldn't trade it for anything. I guess sometimes Mom does know best.

I too love the smell of paper and my wife hunts out first edition hardback books for those special days in our year, but for day to day reading, e-book readers win hands down especially since I like to have several books on-the-go at once and I do a lot of traveling. I love my Sony Reader and those publishers who are beginning to learn how to e-publish.

After watching and wishing, and reading the reviews, for an e-book for many years, ever since the Kindle came out, my husband finally took pity on me and bought me one. I love it! Since I made the purchase, my e-mail was associated with the purchase and I was invited by Amazon to participate in a Usability Study. During the study, I was asked to compare the Nook e-Book to my Kindle and I have to say, I much preferred the Kindle. I feel for those of you who made the Nook e-Book purchase, but am really happy I made the choice I did.

Funny thing is, my iPod works just fine to read ebooks. Very useful at boring business meetings.

I have had a Nook for 2 months and a few friends of mine have had theirs for more. Except for 1 problem (the plastic broke around one of the buttons for my friend; BN replaced it overnight shipping), I haven't heard of any problems. Not that I will EVER give up my paper books, but the Nook is good for travel, which is what I bought it for. 1 Nook takes up a lot less space then 5-7 books for a short trip (yes, I read a lot and read fast).

I have bought books and also downloaded free books from the Gutenburg site. Although some of the books look like they were scanned, I haven't really found any major issues that I didn't have with books (except lack of pictures).


I'm glad someone has finally said something good about the Nook! -rc

I received a Nook for Christmas and have been using it daily since then. I have over 100 books on it and I love it. My son has a Kindle. Our family are voracious readers and I love the portability of having a book in my purse at all times and never having to worry about finishing one. It also FINALLY got the 2 foot high stack of books off my nightstand, and since I was averaging over $50 a week at B&N on "real books" I've saved a bit, as well. I didn't need a lot of instruction to use it, it's very intuitive and at 9.99 for a new release instead of 25.99....well I'm hooked on the Nook! I would never assume a display model to be an accurate representation of anything, because "my" Nook won't get touched, handled/manhandled by 1000 people a day and every sticky-fingered kid that sees it. Sounds like the service at that particular B&N wasn't great, and for that I feel bad for the author, but don't blame the Nook for that! Honestly, as "Cranky Customer" posts go, this one fell short of cranky....more like "looking for something to whine about."


I think it's right on the mark. Yes, clearly the demo unit had problems, but rather than do something about it, the store in this large metro area just shrugged it off, and left a terrible taste in the author's mouth. That is the very definition of bad customer service, which is what this blog is about. That said, I'm glad to get a little defense of the Nook on record here! -rc

If you're still interested in ebooks, you should look at the Kindle. It works and I didn't need "a lad behind the counter" to get it working. It does everything the ads say it will.

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