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"The World's Most Advanced E-Book Reader" - Comments

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I chuckled when I read this. I perused some e-book readers before the holidays (yes I can say that we celebrate both).

Nothing beats going to the library and wandering the aisles until you find something interesting. Or walking through a bookstore with your kids and telling them they can only pick one - suddenly they want more.

ah, the joys of the 16th st Mall B&N. And, I have no desire to fondle a nookey book reader whilst in my reading room. Nor any other e-device for serious book / magazine reading. Curling the pages on a well loved paper back can not be reproduced.

I've downloaded the free software for both the Kindle and the Nook. From the perspective of the software being free, I saved a couple of hundred bucks and have most of the convenience of an E-reader without much of the problems. The BN version is cumbersome and I don't like it much. The Kindle version is much simpler to use and I've downloaded a couple of dozen books so far. I like bookstores but sometimes I want a new book and it's late and this is instant gratification, and cheaper than a new paper book. I like that it's lit so I can read in bed easily.

I don't see myself buying either contraption as long as I have a laptop. I MIGHT consider buying one of those very small laptops that are about the same price as an E-reader. It would be about as portable and much more multi use than an E-reader. Time moves on and things change. I hope books are here to stay -- the electronic version is nice, but nothing beats a real book.

I love my Nook, it goes everywhere with me inside my purse and has saved my sanity in lines at the bank and the DMV! It also makes it possible for me to have a bible, a dictionary, a cookbook and a reference book for work on hand at all times. I have always had great customer service at B&N (my case also split at the button - but it was replaced immediately at the Henderson store.)

As for people who have difficulty using the Nook - how did you ever learn to use a computer? This little machine is *EASY* to use, and it even has an internal demo that the instructions tell you to read. Oh, you didn't read the instructions that came in the box? Maybe that's part of the problem....


The author of this entry notes he tried to get the store clerk to show it to him, but they weren't interested. There was no "box" with "instructions", but a (supposedly) trained person on hand whose job it was to demonstrate the device. They failed. Oh well. -rc

I found one of these that actually worked, but I wouldn't buy one. Hard-to-read text, only a small amount of text on a page, and what happens if it getts broken, dropped, left on a train, or has coffee spilt over it? Do all those things with a real book and it can be replaced or just wiped down.

Do it with a E-book and it's a lot of money gone for a burton.

These things will be the DCC of the 2000s!

I'd just like to say, I love, love my nook. Like an earlier poster arthritis has made it difficult for me to hold books. Never base your decisions on the basis of one persons opinion.

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