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VistaPrint: Bait and Switch? - Comments

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I have personally had 2 very recent dealings with VistaPrint and am in the middle of my 3rd. The first 2 were perfect and they even threw in free address labels with my first order. My checkout is always lengthy with all the offers they try to get you to do and I am never really sure where the checkout process ends because of all those ads. My checkout on my 3rd dealing with them was smooth enough so I personally have had 2 good experiences and don't foresee my 3rd being any different. They do send way too many e-mails though.

Maybe you should revert to XP-Print as no one seems to like Vista.


LOL! Clever! But ...is it still supported? -rc

I've used them a couple of times for very basic cards. After ordering what I wanted, then clicking "no" to offer after offer, I got pretty much what I wanted at a reasonable cost. On my first order I almost went for some "free" return address labels, until it worked out to about $8 for 200 return address labels.

Immediately after that, my inbox started getting stuffed with all their offers, which cooled me on the company considerably. My second order was only because I found a typo on my first, and wanted to keep the same look. I blocked their emails.

After awhile, I found a company called OvernightPrints.com, and I've been VERY happy with them. I've done 4 large orders with them so far, and service has been excellent. They do send occasional offers, but it's more on the order of something every week or two, which isn't too annoying.

There are some good print houses out there, but there are a lot of low-ball marketing companies masquerading as print houses (Vista Print is one of the biggest, in my opinion). VistaPrint's quality is OK, but not the best. Others are better, with a much lower annoyance factor.

Randy, I'd also recommend contacting Amazon. Your individual call may or may not result in anything, but if every unsatisfied customer who found VistaPrint through Amazon were to call, the collective call load should trigger a response -- it's a bit like voting.

We have used OvernightPrints.com as well, and their quality and service were excellent. Will definitely use them again.

I have used VistaPrint for large orders several times over the last few years. In their favor, they have quick shipping, the upload is easy (of course I got specs from them and created the entire card in photoshop), prices are reasonable, and I have not had any problems with their customer service. In complaint, I hate the ads you have to click through, and that they do not have a multi-upload feature. Also their add ons, as you saw Randy, can get pretty expensive. Things like foil and embossed are things I don't normally use in my cards anyways though, so it's not a major deal.

As for your opinion on the actual deal itself and their handling of it, I offer this advice, "When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." Having worked in the customer service industry myself, I held a personal contempt for people calling trying to get the cheapest possible deal. I realize you were trying to get in on a good deal and I will admit the CSR should have handled your problem in a more expedient fashion, but the fact remains, he was most likely bull headed and frustrated because you were bull headed and frustrated. Not saying it isn't your right to complain, just that because of the deal, you were not priority. In conclusion, VistaPrint has never charged that much for shipping and processing, I think the maximum they have charged me is $12 or so on a multi hundred dollar order. To catch the deals, eh?

Being a small business owner myself, I have learned well that a good reputation is something to work at achieving, but a bad reputation can ruin 20 years worth of a good reputation. (Or something like that, I don't know the specific wording, but the point is what's important.)

Perhaps you can take some solace from the fact that the 45 minutes of customer service time cost them at least $60 (the low end of the going rate) to process your $20 order.

I got 250 BLANK biz cards from Vista a few months ago. There was a cheesy floral print on the side. I didn't order them, and wonder why they would think I would order biz cards without any info on them.

I too ignorantly/innocently used Vistaprint and got sucked into the "free offers" and then found I had to pay post and packing.

I must however had got a better deal than Randy, as my post and packing was a pittance and the follow up offer, whilst showing a charge due, never actually got charged to my Credit Card.

Have I a complaint - only that I susbsequently got bomabarded with free offers, by email, over the next month. After getting something for nothing I ain't complaining.

I had the exact same experience with them a couple of years ago.....that they were having a "back end" problem. I think it was even for the exact same offer that you were responding to. So I'm guessing that since this problem is persisting all this time later, they actually do run their business in the ole "bait and switch" way. Erf!

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