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VistaPrint: Bait and Switch? - Comments

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HOORAY! Vistaprint screwed ME OVER too! Notice that if you sign up for their $4.95 website you CAN NOT delete your site or cancel your order or subscription or whatever. You have to CALL an agent and talk to them to get it taken down. I managed to get my site taken down and my money refunded (they charge for the month following cancellation) by posting a website explaining how they screw their customers. Only way to get them to cancel it. I sent them the link. They are EVIL EVIL EVIL. Thanks for posting!

It doesn't surprise me to read that they are bait-and-switch artists. Vista Print are on my "Never do business with" list due to their incessant spamming.

Support the Boulder Pledge. Don't buy from Vista Print.

Use VistaPrint frequently. Rarely have problems. When I do, I phone CS, and all is taken care of. Never any long-term, unresolved problems. As far as the frequent e-mails claiming the special is only one-time and not going to last long...ehh, a lot of places claim that kind of thing. It's not illegal..THAT special did NOT last long...it ended, and was replaced by THIS special, which, although the deal may be the same, it is not, it is similar, maybe one or two things changed.

Vista Print is a company I use constantly for signage, flyers, posters, business cards and now banners. I have found them to be responsive, to deliver high quality products at very very good pricing, and if you shop the specials, unbeatable prices. Yes they charge to upload images, but once you have it there, reprints when taking advantage of the specials, are an unbeatable bargain. Using the Memorial Weekend specials, I just ordered over 300 US Dollars worth of merchandise, business cards, flyers, postcards and magnets for less than 65 dollars INCLUDING the shipping. First time buyers do have that upload image fee (if uploading one, other wise use their templates for no fee and build your own card, flyer whatever) but when it is reorder time, you can NOT beat their prices. In 4 years of dealing with them, I have had ONE problem, taken care of in one phone call of about 20 minutes, most of which was music on hold. My only complaint with them, customer service should be open 7 days a week.

Interesting article. Do you think VistaPrint would have responded the same way to the average "Joe & Jane" not having the forum you do? They showed their true colors with their agent's response as the agent represents and is trained by them. To show true customer relations, maybe they should go through a spot check to see how many others were duped and see if more than one agent is doing the same thing.


Others do have forums too. Even gripes posted on lowly Twitter accounts have been known to get results. -rc

What is it about companies that offer a "customer service" number, but staff it with people unempowered to provide customer service? And would anyone put up with a physical customer service counter in which the customer was left standing for 25 minutes while the rep carried on a conversation with his manager, with no acknowledgment to the customer during that time?

Has anyone ever bought a car at a dealership in which every detail of the negotiations (haggling) had to be approved by the "manager"? In that situation, I'd finally ask to negotiate directly with the manager since the salesman, apparently, had no authority. For some reason, that's never possible; at which point I cut off negotiation and leave. And the dealership accuses me of "wasting" THEIR time.

I'm reminded of a line in Mike Nesmith's spoof, "Elephant Parts", in which a company spokesman says, "America, we're not hoping that you're stupid. We're COUNTING on it!" Dealerships or customer service, they're not hoping that the customer will capitulate; they're COUNTING on it.

Vista Print can be used if used right. Currently they offer 500 cards for $10 INCLUDING shipping. However it costs extra for 'glossy' or uploading a photo to your card. I plan to buy 5000 cards double sided in color and glossy for about $65! Make sure you get on their mailing list, they have offers all the time...once in a while a good one comes along.

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(Read the article that everyone's commenting on.)

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